Our story started in 1991. Ocean Crest Creative began specializing in providing marketing, copywriting, and content solutions for those involved in travel and tourism industry. However, our extensive experience has allowed us to address the challenges of all brands wishing to grab the world by its linguistic throat. We have taken the stories of over seventy-five businesses and brought them to life. Have a look at our portfolio page and check out a few of our work samples.

Behind the pen

Ocean Crest Creative - Our StoryAt the age of twenty-nine years old, Bill launched Ocean Crest Creative. Over the years, the firm’s offerings have included:

Professional Copywriting – Today, Bill focuses on producing extraordinary content as his signature offering. Professional copywriting that will transform your business with more sales, more traffic, more engagement, greater loyalty and deeper relationships.

The World’s First, Travel Industry, Cyber Sales Representative – Creating, designed, and displaying over 400 web pages of content, Bill promoted the offering of suppliers directly to travel agents located throughout North America. He also managed and broadcast to multiple opt-in email lists, the largest composed of 54,000 members, via privately-operated Lyris server.

Multi-line Sales Representative – As a contracted, travel industry sales representative, Bill motivated travel agents, and other related purveyors to sell the offering of my travel supplier clients.  He carried out over 30,000 personal sales calls along with heavy participation in trade shows, familiarization trips, and other successful promotion efforts.

Additionally, Bill is a dedicated runner, skier, avid yachtsman, motorcycle enthusiast, and, of course, traveler.