Ocean Crest Creative's Story

The Ocean Crest Creative story started in 1990 as a specialized marketing company dedicated to promoting travel industry suppliers to travel agencies who were the core retail distribution conduit. Here’s the bird’s-eye view of the primary services offered over the years.

Internet-Based Travel Industry Business Development Management

Devised and implemented the world’s first travel industry, cyber-sales representative service promoting the offering of suppliers directly to over 54,000 North American travel agents.

Contracted Travel Industry Business Development Management

Carried out over 35,000 personal sales calls along with substantial participation in trade shows, familiarization trips, and other successful promotion efforts while acting as a contracted Business Development Management motivating travel retailers to sell the offering of travel supplier clients


Delivered copywriting and content solutions for multiple businesses, designing, producing, and crafting thousands of pages of copy.

Behind The Pen

As founder and president of Ocean Crest Creative, William “Bill” M. Mallia, III, CTC, DS, has stood as the consummate sales, creative marketing, and buzz creation expert. Over his 38-year career, he has been a part of the success of more than 75 companies ranging from those involved in the travel industry to major market media. When not engaging his marketing and writing wizardry, you’ll find he’s a dedicated Christian, runner, skier, avid yachtsman, motorcycle enthusiast, and, of course, traveler.