Ocean Crest Creative's StoryOur story started in 1990. Ocean Crest Creative began specializing in providing marketing, copywriting, and content solutions for those involved in the travel and tourism industry. However, our extensive experience has allowed us to address the challenges of all brands wishing to grab the world by its linguistic throat. We have taken the stories of over seventy-five businesses and brought them to life (have a look at our portfolio page). Experiential building blocks include:

Professional Copywriting – Expert production of extraordinary content that transforms businesses by providing more sales, traffic, engagement, greater loyalty, and deeper relationships.

Imaginative advertising scripts that turn radio’s theater of the mind into decisive action.

The World’s First, Travel Industry, Cyber Sales Representative – Fashioned an average of twenty-five pages of blog-style travel supplier client content was created, designed, and delivered it to 54,000 North American travel agencies each month.

Behind The Pen

As founder and president of Ocean Crest Creative, William “Bill” M. Mallia, III, CTC, DS, has stood as the consummate sales, creative marketing, and buzz creation expert. Over his 36-year career, he has been a part of the success of over 75 companies ranging from those involved in the travel industry to major market media. When not engaging his marketing and writing wizardry, you’ll find he’s a dedicated Christian, runner, skier, avid yachtsman, motorcycle enthusiast, and, of course, traveler.