Ocean Crest Creative's Copywriting MethodCopywriters do so much more than key in text on a computer, and yet many who need them are often gobsmacked by what copywriters charge for their services. To better understand our method and approach to copywriting, let’s have a peek in the kitchen and see what’s involved in each assignment.

Info Harvesting

No one knows your needs better than you, so that’s where we start. Climbing all of your existing website and printed material is also a perfect place for us to get to know you better. There we can immerse ourselves in information about your organization’s products or services, get a feel for how you market and position yourself, grab a bird’s-eye view of your history, and even get a feel for who your competition may be.

Understand that we are curious by nature, so it should come as no surprise that a hardy conversation with you is also key to the info harvest process. What are your project goals, and what are the essential ideas to be stressed? Who’s going to consume what is produced? What’s the call to action? Since a coordinated marketing approach is commonly applied to copy, where will the content be utilized?

Sandbox Time

Before the actual writing begins, we’ll often pull together what is commonly referred to as a “creative brief.” Nothing more than a sketched out distillation of all the information garnered during the Info Harvesting stage, this is our chance to ask the vital question, “Let me make sure that I heard you right.”

Now, The Writing Begins

With the raw material in place, now is where real copywriters earn their keep. We’ll take all of your rough information, put into the hopper, grind it, ferment it, knead it, and carefully craft it into pure word art suitable for your needs. This process will yield the first draft.

Your Turn

Now, it is your chance to run through all of the copy and make sure that you like it, and if not, suggest changes. In general, we will allow two or three rewrites of your draft at no additional charge.

The Final Product

Finally, after all of the work, the copy is yours. So as you can see, copywriting is so much more than mind-numb finger movements on a computer keyboard. It is a pure art form melded with a strong understanding and appreciation of how business works. This also explains why most people do not have the skillset and natural talent to be a professional copywriter, so choose your writer carefully.