Ocean Crest Creative RatesOption 1: Custom Project Pricing

Just as our copywriting solutions are handcrafted, so is this style of project pricing. Simply contact us with the breadth and scope of your needs, and we will provide you with a custom quote.

Option 2: Retainer Bank System

A Retainer Bank is based on Content Project Credits. It’s an easy-to-understand, flexible program that allows you to forecast your monthly spending on a professional copywriter’s efforts.

Ocean Crest Creative Rates

What is a “Content Project Credit?”

One Content Project Credit (CPC) = The creation of up to 1000 words of text copy

Where can I use my Content Project Credits and How Much Are They?

You may use your Content Project Credits (CPCs) toward a variety of assignment types including, but not limited to:

Articles – Blog posts – Brochures – Email campaigns – Internal communications – Newsletters – Press releases – Sales pages – Service descriptions – Website copy – Illustration

The reality is that most businesses have a greater need for content production some months, while others only merit small quantities of copy creation. The Retainer Bank System differs from other copywriting quote and contracting methods in that it accommodates this reality, and allows you to budget better for your needs. Content Project Credits are usually packaged into three options. The minimum monthly retainer amount is based on the smallest bundle of Content Project Credits.

So, looking at the illustration below, if your contract is based on a rate of $350 per CPC, the monthly retainer would be $1,050, and you could choose to “bank” more credits for use that month as well.

1) $1,050 per month for three (3) Content Project Credits

2) $1,750 per month for five (5) Content Project Credits

3) $2,800 per month for eight (8) Content Project Credits

Of course, if you need more credits in a given month, it is not usually a problem to add more. It really comes down to our work schedule.

If I do not use all of my Content Project Credits, can I roll them over to the next month?

Yes, you may roll over your current month’s Content Project Credits, but only into the subsequent month (i.e., June CPCs may be rolled over for use in July, but not to August or beyond).

If you would like the experts in Retainer Bank System quoting and contracting to get something going for your organization, give us a shout!